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April 6, 2006

Howe & Ser Moving Company has completed its latest job: moving a Spanish-American War cannon from the pits of Pasadena, CA to sunny Cambridge, MA. The cannon arrived with one addition: a giant Brass Rat, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology class ring. In the past, the cannon graced the front yard of Caltech and took a brief vacation to Harvey Mudd College. However, Howe & Ser Moving Co. has yet to be contracted to move the cannon back to Caltech, suggesting it has taken up long-term residence at MIT.

Howe & Ser Moving Co. is an accomplished national moving firm known for its excellent customer service. It has been described as, "assertive, low-key, and really willing to go the extra 3,000 miles to ensure a bang-up job."

T-shirts commemorating the event were available for sale here.

More information about the cannon's first vacation from Caltech is available here.